Interviews with cognitive scientists

At the risk of turning this blog into a place where I mostly post things I might want to find later, here are some interviews I did a few years ago with some friends when I was in grad school at the University of California, San Diego. We produced them because interviews can be quite helpful for budding scientists in need of advice and interviews of scientists are unfortunately uncommon (thank you Reddit for hosting AMAs!). Even though these interviews are a bit dated now, there are still some gems in them. In particular my favorite question/answer in the series belongs to computational neuroscientist Terry Sejnowski, who answered the question “Have there been any people or experiences that have particularly influenced how you think about the brain?” with:

“I have been inspired by many colleagues but I have learned the most about the brain from my students.”

Indeed, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the critical importance of fresh minds for driving an academic discipline forward.

Below are the interviews with Terry, as well as the late neuroscientist Robert Galambos (who proved that bats use echolocation), neuroimaging pioneer Anders Dale, and consciousness scientist/philosopher David Chalmers. Enjoy:

•    Groppe, D.M. & Filimon, F. (2008) An interview with Terry Sejnowski. Cognitive Science Online, 3.1,

•    Groppe, D.M. (2004) An interview with Robert Galambos. Cognitive Science Online, 2.1,

•    Groppe, D.M. & Yu, H.-H. (2004) An interview with Anders Dale. Cognitive Science Online, 1.2,

•    Lovett, C. & Groppe, D.M. (2004) An interview with David Chalmers. Cognitive Science Online, 1.1,


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