iELVis Matlab Tooblox

iELVisLogoStephan Bickel, Pierre Mégevand, Manuel Mercier, Andrew Dykstra, Hugh Wang, Fred Lado, Ashesh Mehta, Chris Honey and I have produced a set of MATLAB functions and Bash scripts for localizing and visualizing intracranial electrode data from patients being evaluated for epilepsy surgery. The toolbox, called iELVis (intracranial ELectrode Visualization), includes interactive tools for visualizing electrode locations on the cortical surface along with neuroimaging (e.g., fMRI) overlays, and identifying the anatomical locations of depth electrodes. It is used by prominent epilepsy surgery research labs at places such as the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University. The code and tutorial materials are available here:

Mass Univariate Event-Related Potential (ERP) Matlab Toolbox

screenshotWhile in Marta Kutas’s lab, I wrote an extensive Matlab toolbox for mass univariate analyses of ERP data. Mass univariate analyses consist of a large number of univariate tests (e.g., t-tests) with relatively powerful corrections for multiple comparisons. The toolbox is compatible with the EEGLAB and ERPLAB Matlab packages and provides several interactive methods for visualizing the analyses (like the GUI pictured on the left). Click here to download the toolbox and click here for the wiki tutorial.

Standalone Matlab Functions for Data Analysis & Visualization

matlabLogoI have written a handful of Matlab functions for data analysis (permutation tests, FDR control) and visualization that you can download from my Mathworks File Exchange profile.